Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus

Performance by Saskia Edens, 2011

Sunday in the Park with Ed and a dog: a lady walks with her dog – an everyday scene, only that in the case of Saskia Edens’ performance, the dog only consists of bones. The dog is on a lead – he is a puppet; the domesticated man-animal relation is sliding towards an archaic world, from taming to savagery. At once suspended and bound with the body of the performer, the dog moves wildly and outside the constraints of gravity. In ‘Canis Lupus’, the two actors – performer and puppet – are in relation with one another – one transcribing the movements of the other in a random way.

Performance: Crispin Gurholt
Live-Music: Alexander Lyra

Spielort: Hunger International Performance Festival, 2011, Berlin

Alexander Lyra